Karuizawa Prince The Workation Core Karuizawa Workation Facilities Outline

A place with a core that connects both the scenes of a city center shared office space and a Karuizawa resort stay ― Karuizawa Prince The Workation Core

Karuizawa is a resort that retains an abundance of the natural environment, has easy access from the city center, and is the best place to stage new styles of work and vacation (Workation). “Karuizawa Prince The Workation Core” is a workation facility in Karuizawa developed by three companies: The Seibu Group, Nomura Real Estate Development, which deploys the satellite style shared office business “H¹T,” and the East Japan Railway Company, which deploys the shared office business “STATION WORK.”

Facilities that allow you to fully enjoy the unique resort town of Karuizawa

Only a 4-minute walk from Karuizawa Station and situated in the Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza, it’s easy to use even if it’s just for a short time waiting for a bullet train or before checking in to a hotel. There is a spacious area akin to an airport lounge and many private booths where you can concentrate on work, hold a web meeting, and so forth. We also have meeting rooms with optimized monitors for remote meetings. It is also possible to bring pets onto our terraced seating area, where you can enjoy the pleasant breeze of Karuizawa.


Free and convenient facilities and equipment (Some incur a fee).

Temporary lockers

Multifunction machine (Fee)

Telephone booths

Equipment for loan (Stationary, chargers, etc.)

Carry-case storage space

Free drink area

Free Wi-Fi

Please enjoy your workation with our freshly ground coffee, juice, light meals unique to Karuizawa, and much more.

Opening hours






Open space275 yen/15 mins

A space that can be used easily while enjoying the views. (1 person fee)

Booths (1-8)330 yen/15 mins

A separate style space for those who wish to concentrate on work. (1 person seat)

Boxes (1-5)330 yen/15 mins

Seating consists of a casual sofa, which is also recommended for long stays. (1 person seat)

Rooms (Fully private: A-I)385 yen/15 mins
Universal rooms (Fully private: 1 and 2)440 yen/15 mins

Fully private rooms with excellent soundproofing can also be used for remote meetings.(1 person seat)

Meeting room J (4 people)825 yen/15 mins
Meeting room K (6 people)1,100 yen/15 mins

Fully private rooms equipped with monitors. Maximum of 4 people in (J) and 6 people in (K).

Fixed price plan
Open space (1 person)
5,500 yen/1 day fixed price
2,640 yen/4-hour fixed price*
*4-hour fixed price usage times: 4 hours each from 08:00-12:00, 12:00-16:00, and 16:00-20:00


Workation Core members can reserve and use

SEIBU PRINCE CLUB members can register easily from here.

Drop-in plan can be used
right away on-site

Please enter from the cafe entrance and inform a member of staff

*There are occasions when seats cannot be used for drop-in.

*Minimum drop-in usage time is 30 minutes.


Access to Karuizawa is very convenient. By train, it takes approximately 60 minutes from Tokyo on the Hokuriku bullet train. By car, it takes approximately 100 minutes from Tokyo to the nearest IC (Usui-Karuizawa IC) and 14 minutes from the IC under normal conditions.

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